You want a special way to produce your products to resell them. We have it.

Our business is ready to fullfill demands of illustrators, creative agencies and design resellers. We also offer our services to shops that want to create their own collections. Our special reseller rate helps you in profits to launch your business targeting, giving you unlimitted ways to establish your company. You can print few of each design, we can adapt for you our system, without overrun.

You can download resources guides in this page, made to help you in order to choose the correct size or prepare the files correctly to be printed. It avoid mistakes in the printing process, ensuring you get the best results.

Go to print now. In our online shop you can send us the file and select the tshirt model and colour you want. If we detect any incidence on your file, we will contact you to solve it, don’t care about it.

You have to register an account in our online shop, just to protect your information, offer you a secure payment platform and get your delivery address. We’ll contact you to confirm data and upgrade your account to RESELLER, then you’ll work with special prices.

Start now, the following link redirects you to shopping: